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Regarding application development for collaboration and content, we have many years of experience working with SharePoint & SharePoint Online.

Regardless of whether it is about developing productivity solutions for companies or public activities, we have done it.

Additionally, the solutions we deliver are 100% built with OOTB functionality and SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to meet your organization's needs.

It has taken us from Skellefteå in the north all around Sweden and now our solutions are built in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) around the world.

In the past 6 years, we have committed ourselves to such an extent that our developer group is not just keeping up. We lead the development.

What we do around SharePoint is to constantly be at the forefront. So far that we have been noticed by Microsoft themselves.

Intranets and portals

We have a lot of experience in creating SharePoint intranet solutions. Partly our own packaged solution that works for both small and large companies but also OOTB (Out of the box, i.e. COMPLETELY without adaptations). Our experience means that we easily meet your needs.


With Power Automate included with your Microsoft 365 license, we can automate many of the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of your business processes. When it gets really complex, we use Logic Apps or Durable Functions, (Hello Azure!).

Support & management

We offer continuous support and management. As you may know, the cloud is constantly changing. Which often makes it hard to keep up. If you have also made adjustments to the platform, it should work even after Microsoft rolls out changes. Our support and management teams are available to help you resolve not only technical issues, but also help you get the most out of your SharePoint investment.


SharePoint is not just a portal solution or an intranet. We have used SharePoint to build custom tools such as project management platforms, CRM, contract management systems, investment applications and more. *are you sitting on Lotus Notes - applications that you don't really know what to replace them with. SharePoint is the answer.


Don't worry about switching from on-premises to the cloud. We can help you migrate EVERYTHING from your current SharePoint installation that is still on your own server or in a warehouse somewhere around Sweden. Are you worried about GDPR or Schrems II? Get in touch, we know how you can protect your data in a better way, even if it's in the cloud.

(Say "Hello" to Sensitivity Labels & Retention Policies)


We know you appreciate having all your programs, documents and tools in one place. Every business does. Sometimes it's wise, sometimes it's not. IF, however, you want it, you can trust that we will be able to integrate all your systems to SharePoint, regardless of whether it is an ERP, CRM, ECM system etc, etc, etc...

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Why your company should use SharePoint

SharePoint is not just a cloud-based document library. SharePoint is basically the engine behind Teams, OneDrive and all other applications that manage files within Microsoft 365.

But it doesn't end there.

SharePoint is a platform where you can create tools that make your organization better. Over the years, we have built, integrated and designed many different types of solutions. Big and small.

Here is a sample:

Sherpas Basecamp


  • Built on SharePoint Online and custom parts in SPFx

  • Packaged solution

  • Quick to get started

  • Simple to use

Sherpas VLS


  • Built on SharePoint Online, Visio and custom parts in SPFx

  • Packaged solution

  • Quick to get started

  • Easy to use in both SharePoint and Teams

Integration with Open Text eDOCS


  • Synchronizes documents, metadata, rights and status between Teams/SharePoint Online & Open Text eDOCS

  • Synchronous synchronization of documents and folders from Teams/SharePoint document libraries to eDOCS Public Folders

  • User-driven synchronization/archiving of documents and folders to eDOCS from Teams/SharePoint document libraries

More examples


  • Investment portal with attestation flows

  • Sampling and lab functionality

  • Project portal

  • Construction diary

  • Form for sales budget

  • etc

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