Microsoft Teams

You love Teams, we love Teams, everyone loves Teams.

Effective collaboration in and outside the workplace has taken on a new meaning. Teams gives you the tools to improve collaboration both within and outside your own organization.

Take the opportunity to take full advantage of the benefits of a tool that your users love.

What you get with Teams

Modern way of working

Finally a platform that encourages transparency and knowledge dissemination within the company. Stop saving information on the desktop, collaborating in e-mail (you don't anyway...) or using the file server.

Work in sync

Collaborate from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

One place for all information

Meetings, calls, apps, integrated with other systems, websites and your documents and templates - everything you need in the same tool.

Find what you're looking for

Complete document management that allows you to quickly and easily find what you need. Metadata has never been more popular or easier than now.

Never miss a meeting

Do you work at home? of course you do! Teams ensures that you can easily and smoothly keep track of and participate in all meetings. And if you can't attend the meeting, ask your colleague to record it and then share it any way you like from OneDrive or SharePoint.

Streamline your workflows

Who does what and when should it be done? And what do I have to approve before it is published? Processes, processes, processes. In Teams, you will access them all. Integrated with your old/other systems or created from "scratch" with SPFx, Power Platform or Azure Logic Apps.

Why should you use Teams?

You probably already do. And you are not alone.

Teams is the most popular application launched by Microsoft since Outlook, Word and Excel.

Teams is the platform where most people work and above all collaborate today. You chat, share your files, have video meetings and publish information from other systems via adaptive cards or Power Platform.

But it doesn't end there. Teams is a platform where you can create tools that make your organization better.

Over the years, we have built, integrated and designed several different types of solutions. Big and small. See below for a selection...

Sherpas Project Portal


  • You get one or more project templates in Teams with the content you want to see laid out in tabs

  • Project organization with links to people

  • Construction diary

  • Process maps

  • Integration to ERP systems for data compilation

  • Views on all projects based on function and organization

  • Status indication depending on time and budget for individual projects and also compilation

Sherpas PT365


  • Do you create many workspaces in Teams with different looks and needs?

  • Is it necessary to lay hands on each Team to make them look and function according to the company's wishes?

  • Is it important to get a good name standard?

  • Is approval required to create certain types of Teams?

  • Do the needs vary between departments, projects, offers, maintenance etc.?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the above questions, Sherpas PT365 is a flexible and powerful tool to meet different and growing needs regarding Teams as a place for your work.

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