Microsoft Power BI

A reporting and analytics tool that is both simple and powerful!

Imagine always having access to updated information about how your business is doing. Sales, production, projects, utilization, finance, personnel and profitability are just some of the areas where Power BI can provide a great new understanding.

Get started quickly with data from your systems!

Power BI is Microsoft's own tool for analytics, effective reporting and data analysis.

You create beautiful reports in Power BI desktop (free) and then publish them in Power BI Service, in SharePoint or in Teams. Reports and dashboards with data from your business system or other systems.

Sherpas have extensive experience in building solutions with Power BI with or without an underlying data warehouse. We also have starter packages for leading business systems that makes it even easier to get started quickly and easily.

Powerful interactive data visualization

Understand the development, trends and key figures over time. Create beautiful reports. Understand the overall picture but with the power to click into details. React faster and make better decisions.

  • We have extensive experience with Analytics projects for both large and small companies.

  • We have our own packaged adaptations to several different ERP systems, for example Pyramid, Dynamics AX, Fortnox, Entré, Microsoft CRM and others.

  • Have you started thinking about things like data storage? We have helped several companies get started.

  • No project is too big or too small for us.

Analyze large data sets from many different data sources

Regardless of whether you have little data or massive amounts of data, Power BI with its in-memory technology can handle very fast analysis of data. Connect more than 170 different types of data sources and thereby thousands of different systems, and combine data from them.

Availability and self-service

Make information and data available to the right users in the organization. In a regular browser or directly on the mobile. Let users themselves create informative reports and dashboards based on different data sources and datasets.

Connection to Teams, Sharepoint and Excel

Do you use Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint? Power BI is a perfect component and works seamlessly integrated into these information tools. In addition, data is also available from Power BI in Excel.

Valutec and Analytics

- Sherpas has quickly and easily enabled us to get started with Power BI, says Jörgen Marcusson, CFO at Valutec.

Uniper and Analytics

The background to the project at Uniper is about better follow-up and analysis regarding condition control for hydropower facilities. But within the same part, the need for strategy and concepts regarding DW/Analytics as a whole is also highlighted.

Schneider Electric and Analytics

After years of Excel as the primary reporting tool, an overall need for analysis regarding finance, time, case and sales data arose. Work was started together with Sherpas to establish and develop a completely new model for Business Intelligence.

Endless opportunities



Start simple, and grow with Power BI. No matter where you are in your journey with analytics, Power BI can offer more. Go from manual reporting in Excel to efficient automated data analysis in Power BI. Or go ahead and implement advanced data analytics with DAX, R and AI.

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