Business management system in SharePoint

Sherpas VLS™

Are you looking for an easy way to show and follow the processes you have within the organization?

Do you want to make it easier to find information and relevant documents for each step in the processes?

We have developed Sherpas VLS to make your processes clear and clickable in Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online

You can then easily link information and documents to different steps in the process map.

ONE tool for collaboration and management of your processes.

By extending and improving the functionality of Microsoft Visio and SharePoint Online, Sherpas VLS gives you the perfect environment to collaborate and improve your organization's process visualization.

Sherpas VLS supports flowcharts / swimlanes, document management with full version management and metadata as well as management of other associated information. In Sherpas VLS, it is easy to model processes, approve the content and publish your work both in Teams and SharePoint to support your quality work.

In the right context

Because Sherpas VLS is based on SharePoint Online, the solution becomes more alive than traditional business management system tools.

You can more easily than ever share your process maps with associated documents in SharePoint sites and different Teams so that your colleagues and partners can take part in them. The solution simply gives your organization's most valuable resource, the people, the opportunity to access information themselves when and where they need it.


Improves your quality work

Processes are often the heart and lungs of every organization, and good process management increases the quality of your products and services. You can read more about it here:

Standardisering för kvalitet och effektivitet - Swedac

Sherpas VLS helps organizations streamline internal processes, highlight operational bottlenecks and improve results. Try it yourself, try to describe your work in a process and see how and where it gets tricky to understand for an outsider.




Adopting a process-based mindset helps organizations consider decisions in light of their impact on the customer. Remember, what value does your work create for the customer, and where can you increase the value? But if the system is difficult to use, process-based thinking often fails. If there is a system that makes it easier than ever to create and maintain process maps and information, how much better will you be in the future?

Governing documents

There are many companies that do not have a System to manage their most important documents. You know the documents and templates that MUST be used. In this scenario, Sherpas VLS can help. By using SharePoint's powerful document management in combination with your process maps, the right document and also the right version will always be available to your colleagues.

What you need to do after installation:

  1. Create a process map in Visio.

  2. Add additional relevant information in the form of texts, checklists or documents.

  3. Put metadata on all objects that belong to each other.

  4. Share your content in Teams or SharePoint Online.

  5. All changes in documents or process maps take effect wherever they are published.

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