Whistleblowing system based on M365

Sherpas Whistleblower

Sherpas has developed an end-user-centric whistle-blowing system - entirely based on Microsoft 365. A system that ensures companies' compliance with the new whistle-blowing law.

Thanks to a close collaboration with lawyers, we have understood what requirements there are to comply with the new law and have subsequently adapted both design and functions to them.


The solution is easy to start using and is suitable for small and large organizations covered by the Whistleblowing Act from 17 December 2023. Sherpas Whistleblower is built on modern technology and has an easy-to-use interface that enables efficient whistleblowing management.


We want to constantly develop the system to make it as good as possible for the end users and continuously develop new functions in dialogue with our customers. If you have needs that extend beyond existing functionality, we will work it out together!

Functions that cover all needs

Sherpas Whistleblower has all the functions needed to enable whistleblowing work in an efficient manner in accordance with the requirements.

Below are examples of functionality in the system:

  • Any device can be used to access the reporting system

  • Option for whistleblowers to remain anonymous

  • The whistleblower is given a secret phrase that is used to follow the case

  • The case manager can easily log into the system to see new cases, respond to the message and take action

  • The whistleblower and the case manager can have continued dialogue during the investigation through the chat function

  • All information on the case in one place

  • User-friendly interface for whistleblowers and case managers

  • Complete assignment of cases

  • The cases and its information are encrypted

  • Possibility to connect to several investigators, also external parties

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Whistleblowing - Reporting Misconduct

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