Business development

We help companies manage their most ambitious projects and create new opportunities for everyone within the organization.

We have been where you are.

It is not easy to make smart future choices when there are so many possibilities. Our consultants provide deep, industry-crossing knowledge that helps you break new ground and create a clear path forward.

We also think many consultants talk about where your company needs to go. Rather, we prefer to get you there with the help of innovative approaches and solutions. For over a decade, we've helped companies compile a table of opportunities, informed by data and trends that matter to your business.

Because, to be competitive your strategy not only has to adapt quickly to what's happening around you,

You must also be clear about where you are going.

System selection

Are you going to carry out a major system implementation? We help you avoid pitfalls and smoothly implement systems such as ERP, Modern workplaces, CRM, BI and other types of business systems.

Process improvements

How flexible is your business? Do you use the digital possibilities that exist or do you still have a lot of manual handling? The will and attitude of the employees often determine how far different companies have come. How do you want your processes to work?

We can help you with effective process layouts and briefings that improve and clarify your business for everyone. And in addition, we will understand the systems where the work or knowledge is to be used.

Project management

Over the past decade, we at Sherpas have successfully consulted, taught and steered IT projects forward. We review and help you with workflows, integrations, identify opportunities, custom solutions and lead your team through the implementation of the most complex IT projects your company faces.

Uniper and Analytics

The background to the project at Uniper is about better follow-up and analysis regarding condition control for hydropower facilities, but within the same area, the need for strategy and concepts regarding DW/Analytics as a whole is also highlighted


Jämtkraft has signed an agreement with Sherpas regarding services.
The first task assigned is that Sherpas must act as project managers and solution architects regarding the introduction of D365FO.

The new solution will create the conditions for a new platform with standardized processes, improved quality and a higher degree of automation.

Who are you?

Companies' most talented people always show the way within the organization. Above all in the areas where we operate.

You can be at a small, large, public, private or public company and review classified information, be responsible for the flows working, quality, finances, production or the person who goes through Excel book after Excel book to complete the report to your client.

Our services and solutions ensure that you get the information you need when you need it, regardless of whether it is stored in the cloud, in a database, or in a forgotten folder.

In addition to our consultants and the systems that come from our partners, we also have our own solutions that make it possible for organizations to do very ingenious things - also cost-effectively.

Information management

Information management projects are challenging and complex. They require the integration and coordination of a wide range of information management systems and almost always require a behavioral change from your employees. As a result, many fail in this type of initiative. We have a proven method for planning, distributing and driving the use and change of your digital workspaces, regardless of whether it concerns documents, images or data.


Education that works. For most technology courses, people are expected to learn systems during a half-day, or a full-day course. In almost all other fields, be it cooking classes or piano lessons, training is conducted in hour-long sessions over a long period of time. These usually include reviews of previous sessions and practical experience.

We think it works best just like that, trainings for entire organizations or departments that are carried out in short sessions over several weeks. This allows for practice between sessions which reinforces learning.

Nyhléns Hugosons and the ERP system

Nyhléns Hugosons has chosen to work with Sherpas on its ERP system based on Pyramid Business Studio.

Skellefteå Kraft and D365

- Sherpas has shown determination in terms of investments in competence both technically and operationally for the Dynamics platform, says Joachim Nordin, CEO at Skellefteå Kraft. D365FO will be one of our most important platforms, and will give us opportunities to streamline our operations based on improved access to information and simplified processes.

We have always talked about building long-term relationships, sharing knowledge and being transparent. We still believe that the best solutions can be developed not only by us, but also by others.

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