Welcome to Sherpas Project Portal! A powerful solution that revolutionizes the management of offers and projects directly within Microsoft Teams. With our innovative platform, we offer ready-made digital tools and solutions, such as project diaries, management systems, self-checks as well as checklists and protocols, which help you to effectively run and administer your projects.


Simplify the creation of collaboration spaces

Sherpas Project Portal makes the creation of team spaces a smooth and standardized process. By following predefined processes and content, we ensure that your teams get the right name, look and functionality. We also manage folders and files according to your needs and wishes.


Maximize collaboration and overview

Many organizations already use Microsoft Teams as their primary platform for collaboration both internally and externally. With Sherpas Project Portal, you can easily and controlled collaborate with both internal and external parties within one and the same environment. Our portal gives you an overview of active and archived projects, making it easier for you to keep track of all ongoing activities.


Standardize and simplify the management of teams

In the normal use of Microsoft Teams, each user can manually configure the team based on their own preferences and needs. This leads to a disorganized structure with varying parts and difficulties in following common policies and guidelines. With Sherpas Project Portal, you can define how different types of teams should be created and named, including channels, folder structures, document layout and applications. We also ensure that graphic elements such as images and logos are consistently applied to each team, for a consistent and professional look.

Automate and save time

By automating the creation and configuration of workspaces, no administrator is needed to manually create teams when users need them. Through our self-service feature, users can start the provisioning process themselves and create teams with the push of a button. This saves valuable time and reduces the need to do the same configuration over and over again.


Avoid misconfigurations and misses

When teams are created manually by different people, there is the risk of accidental misconfigurations. By automating creation and configuration, Sherpas Project Portal ensures that all teams are accurate and consistent. You can be safe in the knowledge that all collaboration areas are properly set up and configured according to the desired policies and guidelines.


Full ownership and control

To succeed with Microsoft Teams, it is not only important to manage the creation of teams, but also to implement the right policies and rules. With Sherpas Project Portal, an administrator can define who can request the creation of a team and implement approval processes for requests. In this way, you can ensure that the right people are involved in the creation of new teams and that they follow company policies and guidelines. Assigning a system account as a team owner avoids the problem of orphaned teams when an employee leaves the organization.


Control and compliance

To ensure proper security settings and proper classification of teams, it is important to have control and compliance. Sherpas Project Portal allows administrators to define and apply settings for each team created. You can also manage privacy, classification and guest access for each type of team.

Improved information management and lifecycle management

A common challenge for users and organizations is the management of the large amount of teams, documents and information that accumulates in Microsoft Teams. With Sherpas Project Portal, you get better control over this amount of information and can easily manage business-specific rules and compliance when it comes to team creation and termination. You can extend the usage period for a team or archive it with a few simple clicks directly from Teams or via a notification in Outlook.


Sherpas Project Portal - Tailored to your needs

Our solution, Sherpas Project Portal, is specially adapted to meet our customers' requirements and needs. Through a short workshop, we ensure a common understanding of your organization's specific requirements.


Project Diary - For effective documentation and reporting

The project diary is one of the powerful functions included in Sherpas Project Portal. By using the project diary, or digital diary as it is also called, you can easily document and report the progress and activities of the project. It is also possible to add the function manually to existing teams to get even better functionality.

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