Track & Trace for Explosives

Sherpas TnT

Sherpas has developed a system for explosives handling where the end user is at center.

Thanks to a close collaboration with Boliden Mineral, we have understood what needs are on site and have adapted both design and functions to them.

The solution is easy to start using and is suitable for both small and large organizations that handle explosive goods.


Sherpa's TnT is developed to be as easy as possible to use. It is built on modern technology and is both fast and has an intuitive interface designed to minimize errors.


We want to constantly develop the system to make it as good as possible for the end users and continuously develop new functions in dialogue with our customers. If you have needs that extend beyond existing functionality, we will work it out together!

You can scan your articles with both iPhone, Android phone and handheld scanner with Android as operating system. Your needs and conditions control the system, not the other way around.

Functions that cover all needs

Sherpas TnT has all the functions needed to be able to work with explosives in an efficient manner in accordance with the requirements. Below are examples of functionality in the system:


·         Track shipments and parts of shipment (pallets, boxes, bags and articles etc) in unlimited hierarchy

·         Enter cost center for consumption

·         Mobile scanning solution for iOS and Android (laser scanner support)

·         Automatic loading of manifests via email import

·         Conduct inventory directly in the scanner

·         Extract and export reports for inventory, consumption, etc

·         Create your own packages in addition to the packages declared in the manifest.

·         Integrate with underlying business systems.

·         Follows pan-European standard format (FEEM)

A system such as Sherpas TnT for handling explosives is necessary in Sweden and in many other countries within the EU.

In Sweden, the handling of explosives is mainly regulated by the Flammable and Explosive Goods Act (2010:1011), abbreviated to the LBE Act. This law establishes regulations and requirements for the handling of explosive substances and products. The LBE Act was enacted to implement the EU Explosive Substances Directive and has since been revised to bring it up to date in line with international standards and best practice.

The LBE Act regulates various aspects of the handling of explosives, including the manufacture, sale, transport, storage, use and disposal. The law contains provisions on supervision, inspections and sanctions to ensure compliance with the rules.

In addition to the LBE Act, there may be other related laws and regulations at national and regional level that affect the handling of explosives. It is important to be aware of and follow the specific rules and regulations that apply to the specific business or situation in question. This is done most easily by having a system that follows the pan-European standard format (FEEM) which Sherpas TnT does.

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