Document management in Microsoft Teams for Skellefteå Municipality

After procurement, Skellefteå municipality chose to implement a pilot project together with Sherpas Group in the spring of 2020. The focus of the pilot project was document management in Microsoft 365 via Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

All administrations within the municipality participated and the primary purpose was to handle all information that flows in the organization and not just certain types. Many systems handle the governing information (which is simple and well-defined), for example board decisions, and the municipality already has well-functioning solutions for that. The pilot study primarily focused on, for example, work materials, images and editorial information that could previously be saved in several different places by all employees and within different folder structures on, for example, file servers.

Via a previous feasibility study, the municipality had identified that a major problem is finding information, so a good search function, labeling with metadata and automation of the same was something that was focused on together with ease of use for end users.

An option to purchase continued work to introduce all the functions that Skellefteå municipality wants for the entire organization was linked to the call.

About Skellefteå municipality

The municipality of Skellefteå, located in northern Västerbotten, consists of the municipal council, municipal board, administrations, committees, companies, foundations, election committee and audit. About 8,000 people work within the municipality. Skellefteå municipality is a far-sighted and equal growth municipality, attractive to live and work in, with the goal of having 80,000 inhabitants by 2030.

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