Railcare chooses Sherpas Project portal

Sherpas Project Portal is a solution for managing offers and/or projects directly in Microsoft Teams with ready-made digital solutions for project diaries, management systems, project organization as well as checklists and protocols.

The solution facilitates the creation of team spaces by ensuring that they are given names, appearance and functions, folders and files according to a predetermined process and a predetermined content.

Railcare wants to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration within the business and also together with external parties. Sherpas Project Portal will help Railcare to easily and controlled work with Microsoft Teams and get a good overview of active and archived projects.

As standard in Microsoft Teams, owners of a team can manually configure the team based on their specific needs, which means that many teams will contain several different parts depending on the individual's thoughts about what a workspace should contain. Additionally, naming and enforcing policies will be difficult to enforce.

Using Sherpas Project Portal, Railcare defines how different types of teams are created and named including channels, folder and document structures, tabs and applications. Graphic elements are also applied to each team through the consistent use of images and logos.

Reduces the amount of manual work

Once all steps are automated, an administrator is no longer needed at Railcare to create teams in a controlled manner when users need them. Through self-service, users can create teams themselves and a lot of time is saved as they do not have to do exactly the same configuration for each team.

Users can start the provisioning process all by themselves, and the creation and configuration of the workspace is done automatically. Sherpas Project Portal will also be configured for Railcare so that certain types of teams require approval to be created. This allows both administrators and users to focus on the tasks that are important and that cannot be automated as easily.

The assignment includes licenses, introduction and training.

About Railcare

The railway specialist Railcare offers innovative products and services for the railway; for example, track maintenance with in-house developed machines, locomotive workshop, project and special transports as well as machine sales. Their market is mainly in Scandinavia and Great Britain.

The railway industry is in a positive development with increasing traffic volumes, extensive investment programmes, development of cost-effective freight and passenger transport and a rising environmental awareness. Railcare delivers both sustainable and efficient solutions that contribute to the railway being able to be used for the maximum number of years to come. Railcare Group AB's share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap. The group has around 160 employees and the annual turnover amounts to around SEK 500 million.

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