Pricer chooses Sherpas VLS

Pricer has chosen Sherpas VLS as the system for quality and management.

Pricer was founded in Sweden in 1991 and is a world leader in solutions for automation and communication at the store shelf. The solutions are based on electronic shelf edge labels and help leading stores worldwide to streamline in-store work, such as price updates, picking of e-commerce orders in store and stock replenishment on the shelf.

With Pricer's stable platform, merchants reach consumers with messages, product information and offers and strengthen the customer experience.

Sherpas VLS will give Pricer opportunities to administer, change and distribute process maps, governing documents and associated information in a simple and flexible way. The process flows are then shared via SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

The assignment includes licence, introduction and training.

About Pricer

Pricer develops and manufactures the world's most reliable in-store automation and communications solution based on electronic shelf labels (ESL). They help retailers around the world to solve several key and time-consuming in-store challenges by streamlining critical processes in the store, such as price updates, in-store picking, and inventory.
Pricers system provides a stable platform for reaching out with messages, product information, and offers to the shoppers. By developing technical solutions and services that are easy to implement, apply, and use, Pricer help their customers blur the boundaries between different sales channels in an increasingly digitalized and connected world.

Pricer was founded in Sweden in 1991 and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm

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